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2022 Policy

Bhutan Tourism Policy

Now as the government of Bhutan prepares to reopen its borders on Sept. 23, it has overhauled the tourism system and will significantly raise the cost to visit. Visitors no longer need to be on a package tour, but they will now have to pay a $200 daily fee directly to the government, and pay separately for their accommodation, meals, tours and other travel expenses. The new policy, officials say, will rebrand Bhutan as “an exclusive destination,” attracting “discerning tourists” who will have access to a wider range of higher-quality services.

  • SDF: $200
  • Visa Fee: $40
  • Book using Bhutan tour operator

One-Stop Bhutan Travel Service

Bhutan Tour Services

With over 10 years of experience, we are the experts in Bhutan Tours and Treks. We organize all your land arrangement, Bhutan Visa, Trekking permit for your comfort travel in Bhutan. Your One-Stop Bhutan Travel Service. We support everyone from single travelers to large group tours on private, business, VIP, pilgrimage, and school trips.

Transportation System


We regularly update our fleet of transport, upgrade/custom their seats, upholding comfort and safety at the pinnacle. Our guest can travel in Bhutan with medium-sized buses (20-22 passenger seats), small buses (8-12 passenger seats) , Vans (up to 5 guests, 1 driver & 1 Guide) or SUV for up to 2 people and pick-up truck for multi adventure trips so that the bikes and gears can fit.

Licensed Tour Guide

Tour Guides

In order to ensure that visitors receive high quality professional service, every guide must complete a training course. Guides are trained to specialize in either cultural or adventure tours. Many guides complete language courses in German, Japanese, Thai and other languages so that they can easily communicate with guests and all are proficient in English.

Customize your Trip

Bhutan Tour Packages

We understand that every individual has different tastes and interests. We therefore specialize in arranging customized trips for our guests. Depending on your interest, you have the option of choosing any of our tour packages and including things you would want to experience or do while in Bhutan. Or you could come up with your own list of things you would want to do in Bhutan and we will make a personalized itinerary just suited for you.